Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro and the $11 million Patek

Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro shares the Most Expensive Wristwatch – $11 Million Patek Philippe

Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro Patek Philippe 1518
Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro Patek Philippe 1518

Stainless steel Patek Philippe 1518 sold for $11,136,642.00  in Geneva, and it is now the most expensive watch.

This the world’s first perpetual calendar chronograph wristwatch ever to be produced in a series by a manufacturer.

It is number one in a series of only four that are known to exist. It was sold to a rich private collector.

Phillips in Association with Bacs & Russo Geneva Watch Auction Four sale in Geneva set a new record over the weekend for a wristwatch at auction.

Bidding started at 3-million Swiss francs (just over US$3-million) for the Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 in stainless steel, a rare perpetual calendar chronograph with moon phases.

in 10 minutes, the bidding ended at 9.6-million Swiss francs, approximately $9.7-million.

With the buyers’ premium included, the final price was 11,002,000 Swiss francs, or $11,136,642. This beats the previous record of 7.3-million Swiss francs (about $7.38-million) paid for a wristwatch sold at auction last year – a Patek Philippe Ref. 5016, at the Only Watch charity auction in 2015.


Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro Patek Philippe 1518 in yellow gold.
Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro Patek Philippe 1518 in yellow gold.

Patek Philippe 1518 is in yellow gold.

Bidders were fighting for the watch.

The Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 was the top lot in today’s sale and, according to Paul Boutros, head of watches for the Americas for Phillips Bacs & Russo, “a once in a lifetime event” for collectors. “I have waited a lifetime to see a 1518 in stainless steel,” he says.

“It is number one of only four known to exist.”

Two other Patek Philippe Ref. 1518s, one in yellow gold and the other in rose gold, were also in the Phillips Bacs & Russo sale, marking the first time all three case metals of the model have been offered at auction.

The yellow gold version sold today for 598,000 Swiss francs or just over $600,000 ,above estimative of $515,000. The rose gold  one was sold for 1,474,000 Swiss francs.

A rose gold Rolex Ref. 3330, known as “pre-Oyster” chronograph made in 41 that had never been worn – called the “Perfect Rose” – sold for 598,000 Swiss francs.

By Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro

Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro and the Top 10 Watches

Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro: 10 Watches More Expensive Than A Sports Car


Most of these watches are more complicated moviments and have tons of history . You need to be specialist to understand how they work. All these watches are very famous and very very expensive. Sell the Sports Car, sell the compenay, and pick up one of these watches.

The Patek Caliber 89 – $5,120,000

The closest most of us will ever get to a Veyron is drooling over it on Top Gear. It’s all about perspective here people.  Three Veyrons. Say it out loud – Three. Veyrons.  So what makes this watch worth $5.12mil?  For starters, it is the most complicated watch on the planet with 33 complications. Essentially, it requires a degree in mechanical engineering to understand, but suffice it to say it has everything but the kitchen sink. It also took more time to design than you spent in college (including those extra years “studying” chemistry).

Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro
Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro

Split Seconds Patek Philippe Reference 1436 By Tiffany & Co. – $214,000

It’s emblazoned with the Tiffany & Co. name, so you know it’s gonna be expensive.  Compared to the rest of the watches on this list though, it’s actually pretty cheap. Well, you know, if two-hundred grand can ever be considered cheap. You’re getting the Patek and the Tiffany names, what else could you want? The ability to time two events that start simultaneously but end at different times – you didn’t think those fancy blue hands were just for show did you?

Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro patek
Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro patek

Patek Philippe Ref 5016P – $762,000

Rounding out the Patek trinity is the Ref 5016P (The P stands for platinum, duh). This watch is the second most complicated wristwatch (the first one was a pocket watch so it doesn’t count) that Patek has produced. The problem with watches of this caliber the need for adjustments, but Patek has an app for that. If you keep this moon-phase, perpetual calendar, retrograde behemoth running continuously it won’t need adjusting until 2100.  That’s something your children’s children’s children will most certainly appreciate.

Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro breguet
Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro breguet

The Breguet Marie Antoinette – $XX,000,000

This watch was originally designed by Breguet himself and has more pieces (823) than an iPhone.  It’s self winding, has a minute repeater, perpetual calendar, equation of time, jumping hour, power reserve indicator, and a bimetallic thermometer – everything but MMS messaging.  It took forty-four years for the original to be constructed and Breguet and Marie Antoinette both died before it was completed.  Ultimately, the original watch disappeared, never to be seen again. When Swatch acquired Breguet, an Indiana Jones style quest for the watch began.  When they came up short they reproduced the watch using only the images of the original. Breguet has received offers in the eight digit range, but still refuse to sell.

Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro jlc
Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro

Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon 1 – $400,000

This watch is clearly complicated, but it has a feature some of the others don’t, a tourbillon. What’s a tourbillon? A wrist-mounted anti-gravity device.  Tourbillons (in the most basic terms) prevent gravity from adversely affecting accuracy. Normal tourbillons only rock one-axis anti-gravity, this tourbillon rocks two.  No word yet on when the third and fourth axis will be integrated.

Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro mcqueen
Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro

Rolex Submariner – $234,000

Steve McQueen’s Watch.


Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro vacheron
Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro

Vacheron Tour de l’Ile – $1,250,000


Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro apgc
Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro

AP Royal Oak Grande Complication – $560,000


Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro richardmille
Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro

Richard Mille Tourbillon – $525,000

Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro ulysse
Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro

Look at it. It looks like a Rube Goldberg machine had sex with the Gugenheim and the offspring was skeletonized.  Quite a few of these watches have modern elements, but none of them have the modern design that this watch does.  Made of aluminum, titanium, and awesome it would be the perfect compliment for the new clear hood you just put on the Ferrari.

Ulysse Nardin Triplejack Minute Repeater – $340,000

It may be crazy, but this watch seems like holds some deep, dark, historical secret that only Nicolas Cage can uncover.  But that may just be the three Jacks “hammering the bells to separate the quarters from the minutes.” Sure, it’s more expensive than a Ferrari, but something about this watch just seems a lot less complicated. Since when did you just want to tell time with your watch?

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Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro on New F.P. Journe

Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro shares the new F.P. Journe Centigraphe Souverain Anniversaire

Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro F.P.Journe Centigraphe Souverain Anniversaire
Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro

Limited Series for the 10th Anniversary of each F.P.Journe Boutique


This exclusive edition is made in a perfect harmony of colours: a 40mm polished Titanium case, a Ruthenium dial with sapphire registers, an 18K Gold crown and rocker.

The emblematic mechanical movement in 18K rose Gold and alligator strap.

The Anniversary Centigraphe symbolizes the watch celebrating the 10th Anniversary of each F.P.Journe Boutique.

TheBoutique in Hong Kong  celebrates its 10th Anniversary this October 6, 2016. It is the first to unveil its Anniversary edition with a limited Series of 20 pieces, followed by the  store in Tokyo on October 7.

Tokyo will introduce its anniversary watch limited to 10 pieces, with a retrospective exhibition of the F.P.Journe Anniversary .

Each piece is numbered followed by the name of the city where it was. The Boutique Anniversaries from the F.P.Journe network will continue their celebration in 2017 with the Geneva Boutique in March, followed by Boca Raton in spring.

In 2018, it will be the turn of Paris; in 2018 Beijing and New York; in 2019, Bal Harbour; Miami in 2022; Los Angeles in 2023 and last but not least Beirut in 2024.

What a spectacular mechanical chronograph!

On the left, the 100th of a second hand revolves around the dial in one second on a scale marked in hundredths of a second. The chronograph is started, stopped and zeroed by a rocker located at 2 o’clock in the case band. This ergonomic design, perfectly fitted to the wristwatch, is patented. The hand on the right revolves once every 20 seconds on a time scale divided into seconds.

A second patent was granted for the mechanism’s ingenious configuration, which effectively isolates the chronograph from the timekeeping function. This means the balance amplitude is unaffected when the chronograph is running.

The Centigraphe Souverain contributes to the medical research of the ICM

Together with the watch, you are also supporting the medical research carried out by the ICM – Institute of Brain and Spinal Cord in Paris – to help find a cure for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Multiple Sclerosis…

Along with Professor Gérard Saillant, Luc Besson, Jean Réno, Jean Todt, Michelle Yeoh and Michael Schumacher, amongst others, François-Paul Journe has committed to donating 30% of the profits from the sale of each Centigraphe to the ICM, with no time limit.

Award for the Centigraphe Souverain

The Centigraphe Souverain was awarded the « l’Aiguille d’Or » (the Golden Hand )  in 2008 at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie of Geneva. It was also elected by in 2009 Watch of the Year.

The F.P.Journe Boutiques Anniversary Editions

In 2005, this first Anniversary Edition of 20 pieces celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of the Boutique in Tokyo was an exclusive version of the Chronomètre Souverain, crafted for the first time with a Titanium case, a dial in Ruthenium and the 18K rose Gold movement.

For the 3rd anniversary of the Tokyo Boutique in 2006, F.P.Journe created a special edition of the Chronomètre à Résonance in a limited edition of 12 pieces with a Titanium case, Ruthenium dial, burgundy strap and 18K rose Gold movement.


By Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro

Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro

Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro
Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro


Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro translates an article about Brazilians that live in Miami.

How do Brazilians live in Florida?

By: Leticia Duarte
04/30/2016 – 03h04min | Updated 01/05/2016 – 08:26

How Brazilians live who moved to Florida Andréa Graiz / RBS Agency

After making a career as a stylist in RS, Xandão today has two underemployed in Miami: car washer and valet
Photo: Andréa Graiz / RBS Agency
Since 2014, between 50,000 and 100,000 Brazilians have moved to the US state of Florida, a migration motivated by insecurity, economic crisis and the intensification of political conflicts.

Although recent controversial policies have crystallized Miami as the fate of those planning voluntary exile in protest of the current administration, the profile of Brazilian migrants is quite diverse: there are from entrepreneurs trying to build new businesses in the US to former entrepreneurs living underemployment .

In this special report, Zero Hora goes to the US and shows what Brazilian migrant families have found and what they miss in their new country.
Miami has once again become the destination for a new breed of Brazilians who do not want to live here anymore. This time the diaspora is outraged at the government. This wave began in last year’s elections, when many people demonstrated dissatisfaction with Dilma’s new election and embarked on the escape route.

The editor was in Miami twice, the first of them to participate in the launch of the Paco Rabane Building, which was then an entrepreneurial venture to Edel. On another occasion, the trip was in a commercial mission script led by Fábio Irigoiten, director of Lindóia Shopping, Porto Alegre. On this trip, the Brazilian “owner” of Miami was the deposed president of Brazil, Collor de Melo, whose adventures in Florida are still counted in prose and verse.

Miami is Rio that worked

Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro explains: Miami is Rio that worked, which is to say a city with paradisiacal beaches, total security, quality of products and services, full respect for the law.

But there is also a lot of business. Miami is the second most important financial center in the United States, second only to New York. Its port usually receives 40% of the exports coming from Latin America.

Throughout Flory, not just Miami, 300,000 Brazilians live. Despite this, in last year’s elections, only 23,000 of them voted. It is a middle-class community for high.

There are very rich people in Miami.

The city’s most coveted building, the Apogee, Miami Beach, has 600 m2 apartments and each costs R $ 10 million. Of the 68 apartments, 22 are from Brazilians, says Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro.

As the city is very close to Orlando and Disney, the take of Brazilians traveling to Floria is of oceanic dimensions. There were 800,000 last year.


Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro

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Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro
Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro

Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro dando dicas de como abrir um negócio na Florida

Por Marcelo Carvalho Cordeiro: Começar um negócio é emocionante, mas também exigente. Esta forma de iniciar um guia de negócios aborda algumas das etapas de inicialização mais comuns para assegurar que a sua empresa está pronta para o sucesso.

Preparar um plano de negócios e materiais

1. Plano de negócios

Um primeiro passo importante é a preparação de um plano de negócios para definir seu negócio, produtos e serviços, e delinear seus objetivos, procedimentos operacionais e competição.

Se a sua empresa precisa de financiamento de um empréstimo ou de risco tradicionais capitalistas, será exigido um plano de negócios. Verifique se o seu plano inclui uma abordagem de marketing, para que as pessoas estão cientes de que você está vendendo e como encontrá-lo.

2. Branding

criar um negócio logotipo, cartões e artigos de papelaria. Esses itens estabelecer a identidade da sua empresa e ajudar os clientes potenciais encontrar e lembrar de você.

Atender aos requisitos legais

3. Criação da empresa

Claro, incorporando o seu negócio ou formar uma LLC com o Estado é importante porque protege os seus bens pessoais dos débitos e responsabilidades de negócio.

Outros benefícios da formação de uma corporação ou LLC incluem vantagens fiscais e uma maior credibilidade com clientes, fornecedores e parceiros de negócios.

4. Contador e advogado

Selecione um contador e advogado.

Muitos proprietários de pequenos negócios procurar aconselhamento de contadores e advogados.

Como você procurar um contador e advogado, obter referências de amigos ou familiares, e olhar para os profissionais que trabalharam com outros proprietários de pequenas empresas ou empresas em seu setor específico.

5. Licensas

Obter necessárias identificação fiscal números, licenças e autorizações.

Um número de identificação fiscal federal, ou o número de identificação do empregador (EIN), age como um número de segurança social e é necessário para corporações e LLCs que terão empregados.

Contacte o departamento de tributação do seu estado para saber se um número de identificação fiscal do estado é necessária em seu estado.

Também tenha em mente que a maioria das empresas precisa de licenças e / ou autorizações para operar em sua cidade, município, município e / ou estado.

6. Outros requisitos

Assegurar o seu negócio e investigar outros requisitos.

Algumas indústrias têm requisitos de seguro específicas.

Discutir as suas necessidades com o seu agente de seguros para obter o direito tipo e quantidade de seguros.

Lembre-se de olhar para quaisquer outros requisitos fiscais do governo e de seguros que podem se aplicar ao seu negócio, especialmente se você tem empregados. Por exemplo:

  • Seguro desemprego
  • a compensação dos trabalhadores
  • exigências da OSHA
  • Imposto Federal
  • imposto estadual e local
  • auto-emprego fiscal
  • requisitos impostos de folha de pagamento (como FICA, taxa de desemprego federal e imposto de desemprego do Estado)
  • imposto sobre vendas e uso
  • Prepare-se financeiramente

7. Finanças

É crucial para separar finanças do negócio de uns pessoais, então abrir uma conta bancária do negócio.

A maioria dos bancos exigem detalhes da empresa, tais como data de formação, tipo de negócio, e os nomes do proprietário e endereços.

Se o seu negócio não é incorporada, a maioria dos bancos vai exigir um DBA (fazendo negócios como ou nome de empresa fictícia).

Contacte o seu banco sobre os requisitos antes de abrir uma conta.

8. Empréstimos

Organize sua contabilidade de empresa e solicitar empréstimos.

Você pode querer usar um contador, ou lidar com as finanças se com uma solução de contabilidade para pequenas empresas.

De qualquer maneira, conta corretamente para todos os desembolsos de negócios, os pagamentos recebidos, faturas, contas a receber / contas a pagar, etc.

E se você não tem capital suficiente para iniciar um negócio, este é também o momento de buscar financiamento de bancos ou através de pequenos business Administration (SBA) programas de empréstimo.

9. Crédito

Estabelecer uma linha de crédito empresarial. Isso ajudará a reduzir o número de vezes que a sua empresa antecipa para os produtos e serviços adquiridos.

Ele também ajuda a estabelecer uma forte histórico de crédito, que é útil para relações com os fornecedores e fornecedores.

Conseguir um número Dun & Bradstreet (D & B) DUNS (ou D-U-N-S) para o seu negócio é aconselhável, como muitas vezes é usado para verificar a solvabilidade de negócios.

10. Espaço

Pronto seu espaço de trabalho.

Para as empresas domésticas, garantir que você está cumprindo os requisitos de zoneamento da cidade para a sua área.

Para as empresas não baseado em casa, é provável que você precisa para alugar o espaço de escritório.

Não se esqueça de comprar ou alugar mobiliário e equipamento de escritório para obter o seu negócio instalado e funcionando.

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